The Ultimate Food Challenge

The Ultimate food challenge in my mind would be to prepare every dish as listed in “The Escoffier Cook Book”. 2,973 recipes in whole, if prepared one recipe a day it should take around 8 years, and 2 months to complete…With no day off. Nnnnniiiiiiccccceeee

Mo Huevos

So, I made Eggs Meurette again this morning but this time with white wine. I used a a fruity Cali Chard, but the sauce came out so tart that I added some sugar to fix the sauce, n then some salt, no then some more sugar n then damn! So I’m going to remake the […] Continue reading

My Meat

My hanging meats. 2 legs of pork (hoof on), 2 legs of pork (w/o hoof), 2 boneless pork shoulders, 2 hard salami chorizos, 2 cured guanciale…And of course the wine. All cured using only sea salt and natural herbs and spices.

Eggs Meurette !!!

Ta da !!! My first Eggs Meurette! Absolutely delicious. I reheated the poached eggs in hot water as directed. I’ve never done this before, but I’ve heard for years how you can poach your eggs in advance, and reheat them…it worked! I had to adjust the final taste on the sauce as I let the […] Continue reading

My Beef Cheeks

Gave James a taste of my Beef Cheeks as he is my official taste tester, and he, his girl friend, and son all liked them a lot. That was the culmination of my Polenta test completed a few days ago. Beef Cheeks with soft polenta…yummy!

The Great Egg Challenge

Soooooo, I’m going to attempt to master Eggs Meurette! I love this classic french dish. Never made it…I will try two versions. One with red wine and one with white wine…Now I must find about 20 teany, tiny onions. Those frogs love putting tiny onions in their dishes.