1. David, will you share your successful recipes with us less creative cooks? I have never had beef cheeks and am not sure exactly what they are, but I love polenta!

  2. i just thought my way through a pretty basic polenta fries recipe — make your standard polenta (although i love adding lots of bleu cheese in mine), let it cool in a square pan lined with parchment, slice them into large matchsticks, season with what ya like, bake ’em off at 375 for like 15-20. love that crispy coating! everybody say beeeeef cheeeeeks!

  3. DAG, seriously, this is my second comment. Im even more in love with you now that I know you like beef cheeks. Man so many people miss out when they havent tasted beef cheeks. Im getting some pork cheeks next month when I get my half side of piggy

  4. WHOA! I sure am glad I read the whole post because the beginning of that first sentence threw me off, “Gave James a taste of my Beef Cheeks”. That could also be read as a fart-lighting experiment gone wrong. In any other context, I wouldn’t be able to read this blog at work.


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