Mo Huevos

So, I made Eggs Meurette again this morning but this time with white wine. I used a a fruity Cali Chard, but the sauce came out so tart that I added some sugar to fix the sauce, n then some salt, no then some more sugar n then damn! So I’m going to remake the sauce and start that from scratch! I do love poaching the eggs in advance and saving them in ice water. I never did this before, but it works like a charm!


  1. It sounds like you got into a vicious cycle. I hope the next try goes perfectly. How do you go about reheating the poached eggs (boiling water or simmering, and for how long? I love poached eggs, but they are devilish critters to get just right.

    • I cook them in the stock n wine for like 3 minutes, dry them on a paper towel, n then reheat for about a minute in hot water (not boiling, but barley simmering) n serve. This is easy because they have already set and are easy to handle.


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