Short Ribs!

I decided to fix boneless short ribs. Never cooked boneless short ribs before, always only on the bone. I wanted to see if they would be as tasty boneless. I did a short marinade in 1/4 cup of Cognac. I then sauteed

1 medium onion,

1 stalk on celery

3 large cloves of garlic

I tossed in a couple of Bay leaves

4 small sprigs of fresh Thyme

*Set all this aside.

I then browned the Shorts and threw them in a the pot with the onions, celery, etc… I covered everything with beef stock, and added some tomato paste, and 1 teaspoon of  raw cocoa powder (my double top secret ingredient) and it was on and pop lockin!

In a few short hours (about 3 hrs n change) I took the Shortz out. they should be fork tender…n Damn!

I then lifted the meat out of the pot, strained the broth, returned the meat to the broth and put everything in the fridge over night so that the fat would rise to the top and hardened. I removed all of the fat that I could and thickened the broth with a nice brown roux, and served it up with soft Polenta…Nnnnniiiiiccceee !!!


The ribs were delicious…just as delicious as short ribs on the bone. The only diff is that the resulting sauce is not quite as gelatinous as it is when on the bone. The boneless is much less work for the diner, and I think more versatile…In the end, it’s your call.


  1. HELL YEAH! I can fuck with these ribs! These ribs taste so good they will make you body slam your mama and pillage a small village!


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