Breaking News !!!

I just got back from one of my favorite NYC meat joints “Giovanni Esposito & Sons” a kick ass old school mid-town butcher, located at 500 9th Avenue in Manhattan. I picked up my Pork supplies for my next cooking project…Ta Da…Pork Rilette !!! What is Pork Rillete you ask?? It is a very old French recipe in which fresh Pork is cut into small rilletes or pieces and then slow cooked for hours. After which it is shredded and pounded and seasoned and preserved in jars in fat. It is then aged and served on a baquette to people you really like with a nice glass of wine.

Why am I making this recipe??

Cause I make food like I make love…slow, n low babeeeeeeeee !!!!


I also got a new iphone camera app, so my food pics should improve.


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