Pork Rillette

So these are my Rillette ingredients. Pork shank, boneless Pork shoulder, and fresh, skinless Pork belly. Now all I have to do is begin the chopping….n chopping, n more chopping !!

I chopped all of the Pork into rillettes. I cut the meat off of the shank bones and reserved the bones for stock…and this is the finished product…raw of course. Afterward I salted and seasoned it and let it cure over night in the fridge.

Put everything into a nice pot the next day and slow roasted it in the oven at 200 degrees to perfection. Below is the recipe I used as a guide.

2 Pork Shanks

2 pds of fresh Pork Belly

2 pds of boneless Pork Shoulder

Bay leaf

salt to taste

Black pepper

2 cups of white wine

All nice n tender n gooooooood. I strained and cooled and reserved the liquid. I didn’t have to reduce the liquid anymore in the pot as I only added the wine and no additional water. After everything cooled I pulled the pork with a fork, removing any funky bits, seasoning it, and putting it in the ramkins. I had a lot of Rillette!

I had to render some lard to seal the rillette, so I got some more pork belly and added water to a pan and rendered it slow and low.

Voila ! Rillette !!!

I couldn’t wait a week, so I took one to a party last night after letting it age for two days and it was slammin!!!!!!


  1. omg. you just went up to number 1 on my list. a funny brotha who actually knows his rillette. aww! Do you like offal as well?


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