Hot Dog Cart

People of Earth,

I want to get a hot dog cart…Okay, here is my dream…To provide America, no the world, perhaps the universe with the finest gourmet street food imaginable! Artisan bread, organic, grass fed meat, home made relishes and condiments…Tacos n dogs that taste so good you will want to slap yo mamma and write a bad check! I want to re-imagine the traditional taquerias that I’ve seen in Mexico that serve like 20 different kinds of tacos from tongue to Tuna!

Hope and Change!


  1. Today, I found NITRATE FREE hot dogs, uncured, fully cooked at Trader Joe’s. Didn’t buy them because of the FAT content, but I think that is great.
    I would LOVE for you to open one of your hotdog/taco carts!!!! Do it!!!!

  2. Where do you plan on opening this hot dog cart business? I can see there would be a big market for this on the west coast – our cart manufacturing business has seen interest in these types of businesses on the coast. I say the more you can set yourself apart (in this case offering natural, organic ingredients), the better!


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