Long Time No Grub!

Okay, so I was with my 2 1/2 year old daughter the other day and she kept telling me how much she loved pesto…pesto with (Ca-noochi, as she pronounced Gnoochi) so I whipped up a batch of fresh pesto. Had to do the quick blender version while she was napping, which required me to prepare all of the ingredients in the kitchen and then put the food processor on the sink in the back bathroom. I was trying to finish everything without waking her up. I kept stirring the pesto with an old wooden spoon until it got chewed up by the food processor. FUCK! Let us now review the good things about old wooden spoon shavings in pesto sauce.

1) More ruffage,

2) You literally are imparting all of the flavors still clinging to the wooden spoon into your dish, and finally

3) My daughter is 2 1/2 I’m sure she’s already eaten worse things in her short life like lint, a worm, boogers, and a penny.

Mission was accomplished successfully and little Lulu loved the Pesto!


  1. Happy Belated!! Amongst the crayons, sand and the occasional fuzzy lollipop, what’s a few wood shavings eh? If she’s gnawing on the podium at her college graduation then, maybe, worry 🙂

  2. Not only am I also guilty of the wood-chips-in-the-pesto action, but I can add to that list of “things my kids have eaten”: A dozen cherry pits eaten in 1 sitting (this is what happens when you turn your back on a 2 year old), assorted bugs, and boatloads of sand.


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