Blue Footed yard bird

The chicken was tight, tender n lots of flavor, but the real star of the evening was my dirty rice and gravy. the gravy was made from the pan drippings, reduced with some white burgundy, a little french country butter, unbleached flour to starch it up and cut with a drop of spring water to get just the right consistency, strained and BAM! The rice, I threw in every chicken part that was lying around my kitchen chopped and sauteed with garlic and olive oil, wow…So simple, but people loved it! I LOVE CHICKEN HEARTS !!!


  1. David,

    If haven’t yet tried it, you might also appreciate the red neck yard birds from France.

    eat happy,


  2. David,

    Blue footed “yard bird” is OK, though some folks think its for medicinal purposes primarily, maybe try the Poulet Rouge (French Naked Neck Red Farm Chicken). Now that’s some eats.



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