Sous Vide Supreme

So, I just got my new Sous Vide water oven so that I could get my inner Iron Chef on. My first dish was Chilean Sea Bass. I removed the skin and seasoned it as directed. Sauteed some unsalted country butter, fresh garlic salt, pepper and dill seeds. I then added the butter n stuff […] Continue reading

I Hate Food Trucks !!

I thought Food trucks were supposed to be rolling bistros, filled with artisan prepared meals, inventively prepared and delivered to us at a great price as an alternative to The Olive Garden, instead they are The Olive Garden only on wheels! Where is Al Kaeda when we need them? I saw half a dozen trucks […] Continue reading

Water Oven…N more

I just bought a water oven! You know the thing they use on Iron Chef where you vacuum seal a piece of fish or meat with it’s marinade and drop it into a temp controlled water bath and slow cook it to perfection? That’s what I got. FYI, I’ve been stuck in Chattanooga for the […] Continue reading