I Hate Food Trucks !!

I thought Food trucks were supposed to be rolling bistros, filled with artisan prepared meals, inventively prepared and delivered to us at a great price as an alternative to The Olive Garden, instead they are The Olive Garden only on wheels! Where is Al Kaeda when we need them? I saw half a dozen trucks parked ass to ass on Wilshire Blvd the other day and thought they were filming a Will Smith movie !!! They are everywhere now !!!!



  1. couldn’t agree more.
    a. it’s old news and they’re passe already.
    b. completely overrated.

    food on wheels is simply a kitschy waste of time.

  2. HERE-HERE!!!
    Not to mention these rolling cock-roach mobiles (Ive seen it a few time). They are not rated by the LA County board at this time and MOST IMPORTANTLY, they are putting the “mom & pop/brick & mortar” shops out of business.

  3. For the most part I would agree, BUT here in San Francisco there is a trend of some pretty fancy food trucks – kung-fu tacos, space age waffles, bacon wrapped lobster sticks (ok, I made that last one up, but it sounded good to me).

  4. When did this lameness start? Imagine this: You have a facility and it’s in a food desert, so everyone brings a lunch. Now, random food trucks come by, including a cupcake truck. You still have to pack a lunch unless your taste buds don’t work anyways. And who’d eat cupcakes for lunch anyways? Would you try weird ethnic food from a truck if you wouldn’t go to a real restaurant with the same weird food? How lame.


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