Sous Vide Supreme


I just got my new Sous Vide water oven so that I could get my inner Iron Chef on. My first dish was Chilean Sea Bass. I removed the skin and seasoned it as directed. Sauteed some unsalted country butter, fresh garlic salt, pepper and dill seeds.

I then added the butter n stuff to the bag with the fish and sealed it up. You have to pre heat the water oven, which takes like 10 minutes. The temperature was set at 140 degrees, and I dropped the sealed fish into the oven and poured a glass of wine and sat down to watch the Emmy’s. Cooking time was set at 40 minutes as recommended.

After 40 minutes, I removed the fish from the pouch and browned it on one side and sauteed some Chinese Broccoli with garlic, Tamari and Olive oil, and served that bitch up correctly!

Verdict: The fish tasted perfect really. Next time I may not cook it quite so long. It was juicy, flavorful and not a bit dried out. Next I want to try meat. But between you and I. I much prefer the tactile method of cooking and tasting, and adjusting on my stove and oven…


  1. There are some things I would like to sous vide, but for the most part, it’s not a kitchen essential for me.

    Get a really tough cut of meat to sous vide with pom juice, garlic, thyme…then give a quick sear…nice.

    I wouldn’t recommend lobster. You can butter poach it instead.

    Good job, my brotha.

  2. Hey David –

    We love your blog. Your passion for cooking really shows. Would you be interested in doing a guest post on EatMore DrinkMore. We are a team Food blog that covers the DC area, with recipes, reviews, travel guides, and generally anything food related that we think is awesome (i.e. Chocolate Glutton).

    Open invitation, whenever you have time if you’re interested, you can blog about anything food related you like.

    EatMore DrinkMore (

  3. DAG,

    You are a man of many talents. I saw you in Denver a while back and your stand up cracked me up.

    I knew you were the real deal when it came to food when you spoke about curing your own meats. I am incredibly jealous of your immersion circulator. I’ve been looking for ghetto ways to do it at home without the immersion circulator. Do you have any ideas?

    I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for mentioning it on the podcast.



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