Flank Steak

I made some Flank Steak in my Sous Vie water oven.

This is the said meat n question…

I seasoned it with a dry rub. Salt, pepper, and various secret ingredients! sealed it in the bag.

I set the temp at 140 degrees. The cooking time reccomended is at least 24 hrs!! Yeah…So smash cut to after I slept for 10 hours and worked like a 14 hour day, I came home and pulled the meat out of the bag…

It looked really good! Plus, all of the juices are concentrated and held in the air tight bag so I browned it on each side on the stove, and tasted it. Very tender, nice pink color inside, lovely consistent texture. I made a horrible sauce for it. A ghetto BBQ disaster that does not disserve repeating here.

The sauce wasn’t that bad, but I can do much better. About this contraption I just bought…I want to try a brisket, and maybe some scallops and then perhaps I will use it as planter for an assortment of edible flowers, cause it takes to lonnnnggggggggg to cook things!!!!


  1. I happened to see the Sous Vie in action on Master Chef last night. The guy won the round with his steak dish even though he had trouble using the sealer.

  2. Perhaps the contraption would be good for some Eastern Carolina pulled pork; the kind with a nice vinegar and red pepper sauce.

  3. I’m doing some short ribs next week. Talked to a chef at the Delano hotel in South beach and he told me the Sous Vie short ribs are killer!

  4. Gearing up for a rematch with Ozzie? Did you guys ever go through with the “finger lickin’, ass kickin’, fried chicken” challenge you issued to him a few years back?


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