Bunny Rabbit!

I got this recipe from “The Silver Spoon” cook book. I’ve never cooked rabbit before but…Why not! So, I ordered a nice sized rabbit from Heritage Foods online and got to cooking.

Yup…That’s rabbit all right! Now, I changed the recipe a bit. First I cut up the rabbit, and browned it in the honey and olive oil.

The original recipe called for boiling the veggies individually in water. I couldn’t bring myself to do this, so I pan Roasted each vegetable until dente. Why?? More, rustic flavor! Also, I added a parsnip cause I had one left over in the kitchen.

I then combined the veggies with the rabbit.

Oven roasted everything until tender (about 50 minutes) and DAMN! that’s a great rustic Italian dish!

Rabbit  W/Honey & Vegetables


6 Tbl spoons olive oil

1 Tbl spoon clear honey

1 Rabbit (cut into pieces)

5 Tbl spoons white vinegar

3 carrots

1 parsnip

4 turnips

½ cup of peas

½ cup string beans

1 fresh sprig of Tarragon

salt, pepper


Pre heat oven 400 degrees

Heat olive oil and honey in casserole

Brown Rabbit and set aside

Add vinegar, deglaze pan

Pan roast vegetables

*Combine Rabbit and veggies and roast in oven for 50 mins*



  1. I make rabbit in a similar way, but I add some pickled cherry peppers for a little kick.
    You’ll want to omit the vinegar in the recipe though.

    I also like to cook rabbit in wine with potatoes, shallots and mushrooms.
    Just a little good quality stock, some herbs, salt and pepper do the trick.
    And garlic…always garlic.

    You boosted the tarragon by using the fennel, which gives it a nice warm flavor. Nice.


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