Black Chicken

Silkie or Silken chicken is called that because of it’s fluffy plumage. The beautiful black or white feathers and inky flesh make it an exotic and striking bird. I have never cooked silky chicken but I have heard that it is usually prepared as a medicinal soup in traditional Chinese cooking. That’s what I went for. Went down to China town and purchased a fresh killed black chicken and brought it home. They are much smaller than the super market chickens I used to, and it looked like the flesh had been painted with shoe polish, or squid ink.

I left the feet on and cut it in half. I then cooked it in a rich home made chicken stock I had on hand. After about an hour and a half I lifted the chicken out of the broth. I strained and skimmed the broth and set it aside. I removed the feet and partially boned the chicken halves, shredded the breast meat and left the leg and thighs in tact. I then assembled the soup.

I used Shitake mushrooms, russet potatoes, garlic, fresh ginger and a couple of citrus leaves, and simmered them in the broth until tender. I then added the vegetables to the chicken in the bowl. I finally topped it off with fresh Cilantro leaves. Salt and white pepper to taste. I didn’t want to clutter the soup with too many ingredients.

I believe it is always better to prepare chicken soup when you are just coming down with a cold. That way, you cook with a mission: That being to heal yourself. Although, I didn’t notice any significant, or additional healing powers, the soup it was delicate, and delicious in flavor.

*Coming soon: I’m going to cure my first harvest of olives from my hillside orchard, and I’m preparing a traditional Mexican Turkey in mole sauce for Thanksgiving*


  1. Nice plating. Does the chicken grow black or is there something added to the diet for it to get that way? Also, how does the price of the black chicken compare to the regular one?

    Chef Ed

  2. DAG – love the passion for experimenting. Silkie looks very lean and funky – was there enough fat for flavor? Also heard Mayo Angelou loves the silkie with an imported beer 😉


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