Holiday Review

Ahhhhhhhhh, the holidays… That time of year! Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and Happy Kwannzaa to all. Did I forget Happy New Year?  We have a lot of catching up to do. Having finally woken up from my holiday food coma lets review shall we? First things first. Thanksgiving! I had the family over for Thanksgiving this year and served a stuffed turkey “Momma” style. Meaning: A traditional oyster stuffing just like mom used to make. She usually got up before dawn to put a twenty pound stuffed turkey in the oven so that we could eat by 3 PM on the dot. I remember years after all of us kids had left home calling my mom during the holidays and having her tell me she bought a twenty pound turkey at A&P’s even though the house was empty. Just couldn’t help herself…Ahhh momma. Anyways, I say “stuffed turkey” because there’s been so much made of “should you stuff or not stuff a turkey” as it may poison and kill everyone on Thanksgiving. I guess if you stuff a room temperature turkey with warm stuffing and leave it out for several hours before you pop it in the oven there may be a problem…But, in over fifty years of living I have never seen nor heard of rampant stuffed turkey deaths occurring. That being said…I stuffed tha damn turkey!

DSC00570You notice how teany, tiny the oysters look? I got a quart of West coast oysters but when I sauteed them for the stuffing they all but shrank and disappeared. I ran back to the grocery store and bought another quart of East coast oysters which were plump and beautiful and put them in…Everything was fine! No secret ingredients went into the turkey and stuffing just the best ingredients I could find. I did use whole wheat and pumpernickle bread in the stuffing as I feel it gives it a much better taste. Popped the turkey in the oven and we were good! I’d already prepared the country ham. I ordered a bone in whole salt cured country ham from Johnson County.


I soaked it in my sink for 3 days, changing the water several times each day. finally, on day 3 I took it out and popped it in the oven. This time I cooked in a pan half filled with spring water and molasses. Came out great!


After the turkey was in the oven I then put out the pre-dindin spread. This is where I think I may over done it.


What you are looking at is the following:

2 kinds of Homedmade Dijon Mustard

Assorted Charcuterie

My homemade terrine de Foie gras

My homemade Pork Rillette

My home cured Duck Breast prosciutto, and other sausages

A Selection of Stinky Cheeses

Berner Muntschi

Petit Vaccerinus and

Majorero DOP

Fresh baked french baguette

(I bought the baguettes from Surfas in Culver City…Genius!)

Champagne on ice

Placers Brut Les Filnates

Too much? Absolutely! As eveyone was passed out on the couch before dinner was even served. Everything turned out fine as I needed a little more time finishing all of the dishes. One tragedy were the yams. I didn’t allow enough time for them to properly cook and I was forced to let my brother into my kitchen to save the day. For the record my bother wanted to whip the yams and add marshmellows, butter and brown sugar to them. This culinary choice was vetoed by moi and we ended up serving the yams the way I like them. Roasted in their own skin with a little country butter on top.


I know by todays Instagram standards the presentation of my spread my look a tad anemic, but pound for pound I feel I threw down!

Thanksgiving Menu:

Stuffed turkey with gravy

Country Ham

Macaroni and cheese

Mashed potatoes

Roasted Yams

String beans

Organic Green Salad

Bisquits – in a can

(Just like momma always did)

The best part of the whole meal was according to my 5 year old daughter the store bought pumpkin pie! Shout out to Ralphs super market pie section.

*After everyone left I made the best Breakfast biscuit ever on earth.

A buttered day old biscuit 

Sliver of stinky cheese

A thin slice of Foie Gras

Topped with a poached egg


New years Day was plain and simple. Just me myself and I with a plate of Hoppin John, Collard Greens, and chittlins…




  1. I loved you BEFORE I knew you were such a food person but now I love you even more! Your blog is always so much fun to read, wish they were more often. Happy New Year!


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