Mi Shoyu

I just checked my batch of homemade Shoyu I’ve been curing in my garage…it’s been out there since 06′. That’s right…I said 2006! I didn’t mean to leave it out there that long but life got n the way. I did a TV show, got married, went on tour, had a baby, got a divorce, did 2 plays on Broadway, did a movie, went on tour again, did another TV show and here we are. I brought the jar in the house to dump it and clean it out, but I couldn’t resist…the surface was a kind of frozen salt cake, so I pressed my finger on it and bingo, it broke through and underneath was an inky almost black liquid and I tasted it, holy mackerel!!!! Shoyu gold!!! Look for my miso and Shoyu post coming soon!


  1. David! Just heard you on 106.1 FM. Loving your fervent passion about shoyu and miso! I have a 2hr radio show with restaurateurs Tom Douglas and Thierry Rautureau. Would love to have you on sometime. We can geek out on food!

  2. Big fan of your comedy and your love of food. You should be a guest on Tom Douglas and Thierry Rautureau radio show. You will love their knowledge and passion for all things food related. Keep up the great work.

  3. Just saw you on Queen Latifah and had to find your blog right away! You are still crazy and funny as hell!!!! “If you can get past the smell, then lick it? Really David!!!!? DEAD!!!!!RFLMAO!!!


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