Chicken Samich

After viewing with dismay the hysteria Chick Fil a and Popeye’s chicken sandwiches caused recently on social media, I felt compelled to weigh in. For the record, I’ve tried neither of these monstrosities as they are in my opinion trash! Cheaply made, junk food for the gullible masses. Is someone a lil bit judgey? Yeah, and SO WHAT IF I AM! I have never been in a Chick Fil a and never will because political reasons but that’s another post for another time. Popeye’s I’ve had a million times…other items of course.

First of all I didn’t use a chicken breast for my offering as they tend to be dry, tasteless hunks of bland flesh. I used a boned, skin on, chicken thigh. Dark meat is the best! Juicy, flavorful, and sexy as HELL!


I marinated my thighs over night in olive oil, salt and black pepper. That’s it. I didn’t add any our spices as this is the way my sainted mother taught me to make fried chicken. The only thing I didn’t use were the brown paper A&P bag, and lard. I’ve tried every fried chicken recipe in the book over the years and I always come back to this. simple, perfect, divine! I never sauce the flour as these spices will only burn during frying and impart a bitter flavor to the chicken.

I used a half in half mix of flour and corn starch as the corn starch makes everything crispier. My mother would not approve. I fried each piece for about 7 minutes or until done. These days I’ve taken to using an insertable thermometer as they are fool proof and I never over or under cook the bird.


Does anything sound and smell better than something delicious frying in a cast iron skillet in your kitchen? I think not.

Look at those lovely fried thighs!


I used a potato burger bun. I toasted and lightly buttered it and I added slice of sharp cheddar cheese to the top melted under the broiler. A couple of slices of fresh organic lettuce, some homemade sriracha mayo and topped it off with some nice spicy kimchi!


But ya’ll know I ain’t done yet! I made one plain and one dipped, or spicy. My dip was made up of…Now if I told you everything that was in it I’d have ta kill ya. Let’s just say I put some Detroit dirt in that bad boy and that’s all it needed. To make your own you’ll need heated oil, pepper, sugar, and salt. From there you can add subtract and temper to your taste. I wasn’t trying to blowup my mouth but I definitely wanted it to have a lil kick kick if ya know what I mean!


Damn them dipped thighs look GOOD! This time I used sliced melted swiss cheese, regular mayonnaise, lettuce and sliced dill pickle to finish it off and there she be! I call it my Thai fried chicken Sandwich.


I may be slightly prejudiced but both of these sandwiches were amazing!



Skin on, boned chicken thighs


Corn starch

Canola oil


Black pepper

Korean cabbage kimchi


Sriracha mayonnaise

Sharp cheddar cheese

Aged Swiss cheese

Potato burger buns


Davees Dip

Detroit dirt

Cayenne pepper



1 cup frying oil

Minced garlic





    • Dag! Man these sandwiches look good! Looking at this at 5am makes me want to fry up something right now but you know my wife will get woken up and be like wtf??? Still I might do it anyway these sandwiches look so god damned good!!! Hey man I swear this is the truth – I’m a huge comedy fan and you were the very first comedian I ever saw live! I always love what you got going on – keep going with what you do!!


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