1. HUGE, HUGE, HUGE FAN! I think the first thing I saw you (and liked you) in was “From the Hip”. And of course I loved you in your other projects like Living Color, Chocolate News, Boomerang, and all of your ACE appearances! If you’re cool, I’d love to feature your blog on my site –


    Jesse Cohen

  2. I heard you talking about your blog on the Wendy Williams Show and was happy to hear that there are celebrities out there who enjoy the side project of food blogging as much as I do. Thanks for contributing to the food blog world!

  3. Hello David!

    I was wondering whether you’d be interested in being interviewed for actress Lynn Chen’s food blog, The Actor’s Diet. It would really be fantastic to feature you on the blog! The pork potstickers look absolutely delicious, by the way!

    Thank you so much,

    Mina (T.A.D. intern)

  4. Just saw you on The Chew. You mentioned that you like to cure meats. Do you have a trusty reference that you use and can recommend? I have wanted to start but have no idea where to get good information on it. Thanks!

    • angela…

      I’d go out and buy Michael Ruhlman’s – Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Smoking and Curing.

      Great book for learning the in’s & out’s. There is also great websites, like egullet which is a discussion forum where you can ask questions and read through other ppl’s experience to help you on your curing journey. It’s intimidating before you start, but once you start getting your hands dirty you’ll get a feel for it. Good luck and have a blast making bacon…once you make it yourself (correctly lol) you’ll be in love. Bacon is a nice starter project to build confidence.

  5. Cephus!! (….okay sorry I had to get that out, lol)

    Super dope you have a food blog. Food is the great equalizer. I am so fortunate to have grown up with the likes of you, Tommy, Damon, Keenan and the rest of the cast as comedic influences. So underrated, but real always recognize real.

    Now you’re cooking…I’d imagine it’s much like being on stage, improvising when you have to, the emotions, the cast of characters (ingredients) which you can’t always rely on to be in character (flavor). I imagine my cooking to be an …off off off Broadway play, lol.

    Glad I caught wind of this blog, my sister say you on the Chew and hipped me to it. Will check out what you got going on here, and look forward to your future contributions.

  6. Wow, absolutely love the fact that you are into food. I love your work, you are truly a master of your craft. I look at your blog and I’m amazed by the caliber of your cooking. I wish I could make some of the dishes you are preparing. Living in a small city in Michigan a lot of thing just are not available to me and 3 kids and a husband mean I have to be very frugal but I digress and simply leave with this. Love your work, your food looks amazing and leaves me inspired you are without a doubt one of the greats! Looking forward to more.

  7. DAG kudos on Adam’s show, I put my prime rib to aging for Thanksgiving last week. Thanks for spreading the word about curing,aging and everything in between

  8. Love the blog! I’m in the industry (have worked for Food Network and Bon Appetit Magazine) and I am mightily impressed by the hard core cooking you take on! Would love to invite you to some of the events we produce here in LA. Where can I send invitation? Keep on cookin’!

  9. I have loved you for years…saw you in Porgy and Bess, probably while you had pneumonia….I was blown away when you heard you say that on the adam and drew podcast…just found out about this site…had NO idea you were such a gourmet….this is a fabulous blog…I will love you forever!

  10. DAG! Will you please do a Youtube CG show? Also, you are my favorite guests on Adam’s p-cast. Keep up the good work.

  11. David,
    My name I Eric Finley and I own a butcher & charcuterie shop in Portland Or. I also own a USDA facility that makes salami. We cure everything from beef, pork to foie. If you look at our website you could see. I literally have a wealth of knowledge and have been doing it for the last 10 years. I have been following your blog for a long time and I have never commented on it because I’m just a voyeur looking at what people do. You have given me so much entertainment over the years through Loveline and Carollas show that I must give back to you. If you have any questions at all about what you are doing please let me know anything. Awesome blog.
    Thank you,
    Eric Finley, CHOP Butchery & Charcut

  12. Mr. DAG, This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending 20 seconds on an elevator with you after you had just finished doing two sets in Vegas. You really made my day because I was upset that both shows were already sold out. Not only were you friendly But accommadated my request for a picture even though it was quit clear that you were very tired. You are one of my comedic Heros and I will never forget the short time I had with you one on one as we rode up to your floor. Thanks Again for going above and beyond to make a fan happy. P.S. to my delite when I return home to Phoenix and I saw that your Tour will be here in four weeks. I won’t miss it for the world. See you then. Mitchell Majors

  13. Hello DAG! I just found out you had a blog while watching the Queen Latifah show. I love it and love the detailed recipes. You are one of my favorite and respected actors. Keep up the great work

  14. You can find it at that is also where you can find the natural cure under NATURAL PRODUCTS on the left hand side. There is another one that you can use that is safe as well called BACTOFERM F-LC. It is a safe one as well, but it takes 48 hours to ferment but at a lower temp. It just doesn’t kill salmonella which is fine. Listeria monocytogenes is the biggest pathogen that I am concerned about and the culture that I use is the best one on the market plus it kinda has an old world flavor through the pediococcus that is used in the culture. I would like you to also pick up “In The Charcuterie: The Fatted Calf’s Guide to Making Sausage, Salumi, Pates, Roasts, Confits, and Other Meaty Goods” book if you haven’t already It is the best charcuterie book that I have seen recently and their recipes seem to be legit in my opinion. Thank you so much for the show. My wife wanted to thank you especially. It was incredible to see the difference between you and DAG. let me know if you need anything else I love this kinda shit!

  15. Hello David,

    I am Noa Berger, VizEat’s Community Manager ( We connect locals and travellers who’d like to discover a new culture with hosts who welcome them at their home around a meal.

    Using VizEat is very easy and straightforward: hosts post their meal (this could also be an aperitif, brunch, wine & cheese, etc.) select a date & price, choose their guests and then share an authentic moment around a home cooked meal!

    I love your blog and so would be delighted to discuss a potential partnership. There are numerous mutually beneficial opportunities that we can present to you.

    Would you be available for a 10 minute chat so that I can give you more details about the partnership and what we are proposing?

    We look forward to welcoming you on board!

    Kind regards,

    Noa Berger
    Community Manager

  16. I just watched you on Food Network Star and heard your blog mentioned. This is a hard core blog! Homemade soy sauce? Foie? You’re amazing! Keep blogging!

  17. I just saw you on Food Network Star. You were such fun to watch. Food Network . . . Give this man his own show!!

  18. Dear Mr. Grier,
    I would like to say how much I enjoyed your appearance on the food network, lending your assistance to the cast members of food network star airing Sunday July 19th!
    The chemistry between yourself and Eddie, very memorable:)
    I am a huge foodie and would love any advice you could give on starting my own blog:)
    Thank you for your time:)

  19. Hello David! Today I saw you on The Steve Harvey Show, and you looked really good because I hadn’t seen you in a long time and you are still funny as ever. I look forward to seeing your new show and I wish you much success. Yours Truly, Pattie B. 🙂

  20. Hi David! I just saw you on Steve Harvey’s show and learned about his blog. So glad to check it out today and I look forward to seeing your interesting recipes. Much success to you always!


  21. Steve, oh, I meant! Saw you on the Steve Harvey show. Now, how dear my island man(Jamaica) mistook you for Steve? No mon!! I guess it’s in the head…that beautiful bald head. Anyway, though I love Steve, you’re certainly in a league of yr own. Love yr work in comedy,big screen, etc.

    Welcome to the world of food blogging. I’m looking fwd to perusing yr posts with a fine-fork. And because I’m a fellow food enthusiast, I welcome you to visit/check out my blog “” where I also gab and cook about what else?…but food.

    Congrats with your new gig on the Food Network. Want an authentic Jamaican to show you the ‘ropes’ on cooking a Jamaican dish? Pick ME!!

  22. I’m sure you know we wouldn’t be here if we weren’t so supportive of you DAG but I had no idea until last night you had this Blog Man… cudos. Teach us bout those finer things in life Bro. Thx


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