Chicken Samich

After viewing with dismay the hysteria Chick Fil a and Popeye’s chicken sandwiches caused recently on social media, I felt compelled to weigh in. For the record, I’ve tried neither of these monstrosities as they are in my opinion trash! Cheaply made, junk food for the gullible masses. Is someone a lil bit judgey? Yeah, […] Continue reading

Plum Preserves

I’ve had a red plum tree in my yard since I moved in over 25 years ago but lately it’s been giving less and less fruit. I almost cut it down and planted a new one sensing the end was near for my good Ol’ tree. But this last fall and winter we got so […] Continue reading


This year for the 4th, I decided to slow roast a nice big piece of meat…#Duhhhh. I love Porchetta! It is an Italian delicacy. The formal definition of Porchetta is “a whole suckling pig that has been boned, the cavity stuffed with herbs, sewn up and slow roasted”. There are variations on this theme of […] Continue reading

Cheesy Cheesecake

I have never made cheesecake in my life! I always thought cheesecake was really difficult to pull off. But recently I figured I’d give it a try. Every year after Thanksgiving I always have leftover cranberry sauce. I usually serve it hot on top of a bowl of my homemade ice cream (which is a […] Continue reading

Morning Buns

Years ago I dated a girl who lived in Venice, Ca and one morning she offered to run and get coffee and pastries for breakfast. Little did I know, my life would be changed in just a few short minutes. She returned with the most incredible pastry I’ve ever eaten! We called it a cinnamon […] Continue reading


You’ve┬áheard this before from me so here we go again. I’ve never made Pastrami from scratch in my life! The first thing I did was get the best brisket on the planet in my opinion. I ordered what I thought was a “medium” sized brisket from Snake River Farms. Quick side note: this is not […] Continue reading

Curry for lunch

I made a quick Thai tiger shrimp curry for lunch this morning. I used a tomato sauce base and added a bunch of fresh fish chilli sauce I bought from the Thai market.  The key is leave the heads on. So much flavour. Sucked the heads! Yum!  Put these on top of some steamed brown […] Continue reading


We’re doing an ice cream challenge at work today on the Carmichael show. I’m going up against Amber Stevens West. We  both made vanilla ice cream and a flavor of our choosing. Three judges will do a blind tasting and award us in two categories. The vanilla round is compulsory. The free style round is […] Continue reading

Yo Soy!

I know it’s been like a million years since I’ve posted something I’M SORRY…but I’ve been sooooo busy! Which is a good thing I guess. So listen to this! I checked my two batches of miso early this morning. I’ve been aging them on a shelf in my garage for just about a year and […] Continue reading