La Grande Orange

I just had the worlds most amazing breakfast sandwich! #LaGrandeOrangeGrocery, Phoenix        Ladies and gentlemen of Earth I present to you “The Commuter” with 2 eggs over easy, avocados and crispy bacon!!! The warm egg yoke soaks into the toasted English Muffin as you bite into it’s kick ass yumminess! #FuckYeah

72 Hour Ramen

Ramen…So much has been written,  blogged, posted, tweeted and texted about Ramen. I really got lost in all of the million comments posted by the ramen tweakers online just trying to find a good noodle joint when I was in San Francisco recently. I settled on Katana Ya on Geary as it was 2 blocks from […] Continue reading

Sweet Potato Pie

I have never made a pie in my life. So the day after Thanksgiving as usual I had a lot of left over sweet potatoes. In a moment of inspiration I thought… I going to make my very first pie! I’m going to make a sweet potato pie. I looked at a million recipes online […] Continue reading


A little while ago I was in Seattle for a gig. FYI, I luvvvvvv Seattle! I was doing morning press at my fave radio station… The Jet 95.7!!!!!! #SHOUTOUT. So, I’m talking about the time I came to Seattle for a football game on a Halloween one year and I went to Pikes Market and […] Continue reading

Mo Mi Shoyu!

So where was I? Last we spoke I was cleaning out my garage and I found the frozen remnants of my Soy Sauce experiment from back in 2006! I brought the crock in the house and poked my finger in the middle of it, and thick, Inky, black loveliness. So I decided not to dump […] Continue reading

Mi Shoyu

I just checked my batch of homemade Shoyu I’ve been curing in my garage…it’s been out there since 06′. That’s right…I said 2006! I didn’t mean to leave it out there that long but life got n the way. I did a TV show, got married, went on tour, had a baby, got a divorce, […] Continue reading


Nothing beats a homemade cassoulet on a cold winters night! Mmmmmmm, yes. Tons has been written about cassoulets, so let’s get to the particulars. A classic French cassoulet is a rich, slow cooked dish of dried white French haricot beans, goose, salt pork, Toulouse sausages, and topped with bread crumbs. The name cassoulet refers to […] Continue reading

Holiday Review

Ahhhhhhhhh, the holidays… That time of year! Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and Happy Kwannzaa to all. Did I forget Happy New Year?  We have a lot of catching up to do. Having finally woken up from my holiday food coma lets review shall we? First things first. Thanksgiving! I had the family over for Thanksgiving […] Continue reading