Leg Of Lamb

I roasted this leg of lamb yesterday…I saw a ton of them at my grocery store because it was Easter last week and I guess this is holiday food! I’m in, game on! I marinaded the leg over night… Marinade: Garlic Roasted Paprika Cayenne Pepper Black Pepper Salt Soy Sauce Sesame Oil Rosemary I preheated […] Continue reading


This is my leftover breakfast I had this morning. Left over beef shank ragu over some left over Spaghettini, w 2 fresh poached eggs, pepper flakes n grated artisan cheese on top. Yum!

Down To Tha Bone

I went to the Chelsea Market the other day and stopped into “Dickson’s Farmstand Meats”, and by chance asked them if they had any Beef shin bones. They quickly cut, and trimmed 3 beautiful bones for me. I soaked the bones in salted ice water over night changing the water 4 times. I dried the […] Continue reading

Turkey Mole

Turkey In Mexican Peoples Sauce Mole de Poblamo de Guajolote The Turkey has been domesticated in Mexico since pre-Colombian days, and Turkey Guajolote or “Turkey in Sauce”, is a traditional Aztec Indian dish. I wanted to do this dish the old fashioned way…No short cuts, no surrender! That being said, it takes a while. When […] Continue reading

Black Chicken

Silkie or Silken chicken is called that because of it’s fluffy plumage. The beautiful black or white feathers and inky flesh make it an exotic and striking bird. I have never cooked silky chicken but I have heard that it is usually prepared as a medicinal soup in traditional Chinese cooking. That’s what I went […] Continue reading

Pozole es possible?

Pozole Rojo   (Mexican pork, chicken and hominy stew) I had pozole for the first time at Richard Thomas’s house in New York about a year and a half ago n DAMN, was it goooood! His wife made a kick ass green pozole and shut it down! I made this for the first time last […] Continue reading

Potatoes -A-Rockin !

I was sitting at home thinking about these potatoes au gratin that a friend made for me years ago. Soooooooooo, good, and so simple. I’ve never made them. So I did some research, and found a million recipes, all variations on the OG Esscofier version. Usually the American version goes like this, it’s basically Mac […] Continue reading

Curried Goat

While driving to a movie set in Mexico one morning my driver pointed to road side shack selling BBQ Cabra (Goat). His eyes crossed and he got all wistful repeating over and over how delicious it was. I’ve never made nor is this a recipe for BBQ goat…So why did I digress you say? It […] Continue reading

Butcher Boi !!

A few weeks ago I was in Seattle performing and I was lucky enough to drop by “Salumi” a tiny sandwich shop that is really known for it’s artisan cured meats. Owned and run by the Batali family this place was great! Gina Batali gave me a tour and I was in cured meat heaven! […] Continue reading