Pork Rillette

So these are my Rillette ingredients. Pork shank, boneless Pork shoulder, and fresh, skinless Pork belly. Now all I have to do is begin the chopping….n chopping, n more chopping !! I chopped all of the Pork into rillettes. I cut the meat off of the shank bones and reserved the bones for stock…and this […] Continue reading

Short Ribs!

I decided to fix boneless short ribs. Never cooked boneless short ribs before, always only on the bone. I wanted to see if they would be as tasty boneless. I did a short marinade in 1/4 cup of Cognac. I then sauteed 1 medium onion, 1 stalk on celery 3 large cloves of garlic I […] Continue reading

The Ultimate Food Challenge

The Ultimate food challenge in my mind would be to prepare every dish as listed in “The Escoffier Cook Book”. 2,973 recipes in whole, if prepared one recipe a day it should take around 8 years, and 2 months to complete…With no day off. Nnnnniiiiiiccccceeee