Pozole es possible?

Pozole Rojo   (Mexican pork, chicken and hominy stew) I had pozole for the first time at Richard Thomas’s house in New York about a year and a half ago n DAMN, was it goooood! His wife made a kick ass green pozole and shut it down! I made this for the first time last […] Continue reading

Potatoes -A-Rockin !

I was sitting at home thinking about these potatoes au gratin that a friend made for me years ago. Soooooooooo, good, and so simple. I’ve never made them. So I did some research, and found a million recipes, all variations on the OG Esscofier version. Usually the American version goes like this, it’s basically Mac […] Continue reading

Curried Goat

While driving to a movie set in Mexico one morning my driver pointed to road side shack selling BBQ Cabra (Goat). His eyes crossed and he got all wistful repeating over and over how delicious it was. I’ve never made nor is this a recipe for BBQ goat…So why did I digress you say? It […] Continue reading

Butcher Boi !!

A few weeks ago I was in Seattle performing and I was lucky enough to drop by “Salumi” a tiny sandwich shop that is really known for it’s artisan cured meats. Owned and run by the Batali family this place was great! Gina Batali gave me a tour and I was in cured meat heaven! […] Continue reading

Bunny Rabbit!

I got this recipe from “The Silver Spoon” cook book. I’ve never cooked rabbit before but…Why not! So, I ordered a nice sized rabbit from Heritage Foods online and got to cooking. Yup…That’s rabbit all right! Now, I changed the recipe a bit. First I cut up the rabbit, and browned it in the honey […] Continue reading

Pot Stickers

I’ve never made pot stickers and I’ve always wanted to try so…I went online and did some research and I found a couple of recipes I liked. I decided to make two batches of Chicken, and Pork pot stickers. I had some left over Pork shoulder that I chopped into cubes froze for about an […] Continue reading

Hotel Bacon Part Deux

I had the best hotel bacon in my life today at Manny’s Steak House at the W hotel in Minneapolis. It was thick cut, apple smoked, absolutely the most delicious bacon I’ve ever had in my life. When I say thick cut, I’m talking about 1/4 of an inch thick cut bacon babeeee! YEAH!

Chicken Soup

I love chicken soup! After going on a ski trip and coming home to LA and the rain with a cold, I was craving chicken soup. But, it takes all day…really two days to make kick ass chicken soup. So I made it anyway. I always use a huge roasting chicken to make my soup. […] Continue reading

Ice Cream

I made a couple of batches of ice cream with my daughter the other day. It was good. I used a very rich recipe for the basic custard. 1 cup of sugar 1/4 teaspoon of salt 7 egg yolks 1 1/2 cups half-and-half 1 tablespoon vanilla extract The first batch was vanilla and it came […] Continue reading

Flank Steak

I made some Flank Steak in my Sous Vie water oven. This is the said meat n question… I seasoned it with a dry rub. Salt, pepper, and various secret ingredients! sealed it in the bag. I set the temp at 140 degrees. The cooking time reccomended is at least 24 hrs!! Yeah…So smash cut […] Continue reading