Ice Cream

I made a couple of batches of ice cream with my daughter the other day. It was good. I used a very rich recipe for the basic custard. 1 cup of sugar 1/4 teaspoon of salt 7 egg yolks 1 1/2 cups half-and-half 1 tablespoon vanilla extract The first batch was vanilla and it came […] Continue reading

Flank Steak

I made some Flank Steak in my Sous Vie water oven. This is the said meat n question… I seasoned it with a dry rub. Salt, pepper, and various secret ingredients! sealed it in the bag. I set the temp at 140 degrees. The cooking time reccomended is at least 24 hrs!! Yeah…So smash cut […] Continue reading

Sous Vide Supreme

So, I just got my new Sous Vide water oven so that I could get my inner Iron Chef on. My first dish was Chilean Sea Bass. I removed the skin and seasoned it as directed. Sauteed some unsalted country butter, fresh garlic salt, pepper and dill seeds. I then added the butter n stuff […] Continue reading

I Hate Food Trucks !!

I thought Food trucks were supposed to be rolling bistros, filled with artisan prepared meals, inventively prepared and delivered to us at a great price as an alternative to The Olive Garden, instead they are The Olive Garden only on wheels! Where is Al Kaeda when we need them? I saw half a dozen trucks […] Continue reading

Water Oven…N more

I just bought a water oven! You know the thing they use on Iron Chef where you vacuum seal a piece of fish or meat with it’s marinade and drop it into a temp controlled water bath and slow cook it to perfection? That’s what I got. FYI, I’ve been stuck in Chattanooga for the […] Continue reading

Blue Footed yard bird

The chicken was tight, tender n lots of flavor, but the real star of the evening was my dirty rice and gravy. the gravy was made from the pan drippings, reduced with some white burgundy, a little french country butter, unbleached flour to starch it up and cut with a drop of spring water to […] Continue reading

Hotel Bacon

Something has to done about hotel bacon! They heat it, and reheat it in the microwave until it’s bitter, dry and uneatable !!! This practice has to be stopped ! I can’t take it anymore RESPECT THE BACON F-U-C-K !!!

Long Time No Grub!

Okay, so I was with my 2 1/2 year old daughter the other day and she kept telling me how much she loved pesto…pesto with (Ca-noochi, as she pronounced Gnoochi) so I whipped up a batch of fresh pesto. Had to do the quick blender version while she was napping, which required me to prepare […] Continue reading

Coq au Vin

I wanted to try a traditional french recipe for Coq au Vin, or Chicken in wine, so I did some research and here it is: This the organic chicken I started with. It came with out giblets, neck bone, heart or innards which sucks, but I hacked away and got into cooking shape. I tend […] Continue reading