Cheesy Cheesecake

I have never made cheesecake in my life! I always thought cheesecake was really difficult to pull off. But recently I figured I’d give it a try. Every year after Thanksgiving I always have leftover cranberry sauce. I usually serve it hot on top of a bowl of my homemade ice cream (which is a […] Continue reading

Morning Buns

Years ago I dated a girl who lived in Venice, Ca and one morning she offered to run and get coffee and pastries for breakfast. Little did I know, my life would be changed in just a few short minutes. She returned with the most incredible pastry I’ve ever eaten! We called it a cinnamon […] Continue reading


You’ve heard this before from me so here we go again. I’ve never made Pastrami from scratch in my life! The first thing I did was get the best brisket on the planet in my opinion. I ordered what I thought was a “medium” sized brisket from Snake River Farms. Quick side note: this is not […] Continue reading

Curry for lunch

I made a quick Thai tiger shrimp curry for lunch this morning. I used a tomato sauce base and added a bunch of fresh fish chilli sauce I bought from the Thai market.  The key is leave the heads on. So much flavour. Sucked the heads! Yum!  Put these on top of some steamed brown […] Continue reading


We’re doing an ice cream challenge at work today on the Carmichael show. I’m going up against Amber Stevens West. We  both made vanilla ice cream and a flavor of our choosing. Three judges will do a blind tasting and award us in two categories. The vanilla round is compulsory. The free style round is […] Continue reading

Yo Soy!

I know it’s been like a million years since I’ve posted something I’M SORRY…but I’ve been sooooo busy! Which is a good thing I guess. So listen to this! I checked my two batches of miso early this morning. I’ve been aging them on a shelf in my garage for just about a year and […] Continue reading

La Grande Orange

I just had the worlds most amazing breakfast sandwich! #LaGrandeOrangeGrocery, Phoenix        Ladies and gentlemen of Earth I present to you “The Commuter” with 2 eggs over easy, avocados and crispy bacon!!! The warm egg yoke soaks into the toasted English Muffin as you bite into it’s kick ass yumminess! #FuckYeah

72 Hour Ramen

Ramen…So much has been written,  blogged, posted, tweeted and texted about Ramen. I really got lost in all of the million comments posted by the ramen tweakers online just trying to find a good noodle joint when I was in San Francisco recently. I settled on Katana Ya on Geary as it was 2 blocks from […] Continue reading