La Grande Orange

I just had the worlds most amazing breakfast sandwich! #LaGrandeOrangeGrocery, Phoenix        Ladies and gentlemen of Earth I present to you “The Commuter” with 2 eggs over easy, avocados and crispy bacon!!! The warm egg yoke soaks into the toasted English Muffin as you bite into it’s kick ass yumminess! #FuckYeah

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  • PosterGirl said:

    This sounds utterly delicious. Mine takes less time, but yours sounds WAAAAY better. PosterGirl on 72 Hour Ramen
  • Chef Susan Graham said:

    I agree Chef! Hey Boss Man!!!! #salute Chef Susan Graham on Cutthroat
  • Seth Stutman said:

    Hey David, it was great interviewing you last month. Here it is! Seth Stutman on About
  • Jhamal said:

    I think we talked about Hamburgers the other day? Check this out. Jhamal on About
  • sarabeth said:

    I LOVE your blogs....what happened? Aren't you making great things? I miss them! sarabeth on Huevos