Morning Buns

Years ago I dated a girl who lived in Venice, Ca and one morning she offered to run and get coffee and pastries for breakfast. Little did I know, my life would be changed in just a few short minutes. She returned with the most incredible pastry I’ve ever eaten! We called it a cinnamon […] Continue reading

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  • Tanya said:

    Very impressive. BTW, love you on the Carmichael show. Bing watching it now on Netflix. Tanya on Morning Buns
  • Gustavo Woltmann said:

    I really like ice cream. I must try it. Thank you! Gustavo Woltmann on IceCream…
  • Gustavo Woltmann said:

    I like this sweet potato pie. I never made it before. I can't wait to try it at home.… Gustavo Woltmann on Sweet Potato Pie
  • Anitra Lewis said:

    I love that you are a food nerd. We are not alone! Anitra Lewis on About
  • bblake10 said:

    Steve, oh, I meant! Saw you on the Steve Harvey show. Now, how dear my island man(Jamaica) mistook you… bblake10 on About