Curry for lunch

I made a quick Thai tiger shrimp curry for lunch this morning. I used a tomato sauce base and added a bunch of fresh fish chilli sauce I bought from the Thai market.  The key is leave the heads on. So much flavour. Sucked the heads! Yum!  Put these on top of some steamed brown […] Continue reading

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    WHAT?! What the hell happened?! I don't understand! Wait-she must've had some damn. good. frickin' ice cream.… on IceCream…
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    Great, now I'm hungry. This is one of my favorite blogs. A delight to read! Thanks DAG! on Curry for lunch
  • Shelley said:

    Noooooooooooooooo. I blame the government. Shelley on IceCream…
  • PosterGirl said:

    This sounds utterly delicious. Mine takes less time, but yours sounds WAAAAY better. PosterGirl on 72 Hour Ramen
  • Chef Susan Graham said:

    I agree Chef! Hey Boss Man!!!! #salute Chef Susan Graham on Cutthroat