You’ve heard this before from me so here we go again. I’ve never made Pastrami from scratch in my life! The first thing I did was get the best brisket on the planet in my opinion. I ordered what I thought was a “medium” sized brisket from Snake River Farms. Quick side note: this is not […] Continue reading

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    Ho. ly. crap. LOOK at that. Wooow. Someone make this… on Pastrami
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    I e been craven a pastrami samitch. I'm on my way. Have a great day😃… egillies on Pastrami
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    WHAT?! What the hell happened?! I don't understand! Wait-she must've had some damn. good. frickin' ice cream.… on IceCream…
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    Great, now I'm hungry. This is one of my favorite blogs. A delight to read! Thanks DAG! on Curry for lunch
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    Noooooooooooooooo. I blame the government. Shelley on IceCream…