Plum Preserves

I’ve had a red plum tree in my yard since I moved in over 25 years ago but lately it’s been giving less and less fruit. I almost cut it down and planted a new one sensing the end was near for my good Ol’ tree. But this last fall and winter we got so […] Continue reading

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  • Ruby Barry said:

    never heard a reply. I guess some people forget when others are nice to them Ruby Barry Ruby Barry on About
  • said:

    Kewl! I've got some suggestions: 1. 'Dag's Grappa'. Go into the alcohol biz a… on Plum Preserves
  • mdavisdoodles said:

    This looks AMAZING! I made a small batch of strawberry jam using a similar method but my instant pot. SO… mdavisdoodles on Plum Preserves
  • Nadia said:

    Looks great. I’m sure that grappa is going to be so nice when it’s done. I love preserving fruits. It’s… Nadia on Plum Preserves
  • orsayors said:

    Omg!!!! David!!! This looks so delicious!!! orsayors on Plum Preserves