You’ve┬áheard this before from me so here we go again. I’ve never made Pastrami from scratch in my life! The first thing I did was get the best brisket on the planet in my opinion. I ordered what I thought was a “medium” sized brisket from Snake River Farms. Quick side note: this is not […] Continue reading

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  • Anitra Lewis said:

    I love that you are a food nerd. We are not alone! Anitra Lewis on About
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    Steve, oh, I meant! Saw you on the Steve Harvey show. Now, how dear my island man(Jamaica) mistook you… bblake10 on About
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    Hi David! I just saw you on Steve Harvey's show and learned about his blog. So glad to check… Beverly A Hawkins on About
  • Kenya Cole said:

    Looks incredible...must try! Kenya Cole on Pastrami
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    Hello David! Today I saw you on The Steve Harvey Show, and you looked really good because I hadn't seen… Patricia Carter on About